Obissquasoit Bowmen Inc

Our Officers


President Howard Neide

 Howard joined the club in 1995 and has previously served as Secretary. As President,  Howard is Chief Executive Officer of the Club, and presides over and attends meetings, conducts correspondence as a representative of the Club, and acts for and on behalf of the Club.

 Howard is an avid deer hunter and is also responsible for the 3-D activities at the club. 

Vice President

Vice President Pete Onesti

 Pete joined the club in 2012 and is well known in the Traditional Archers circuit.

 All duties and responsibilities of the President shall be performed by Pete in the absence of Howard.



The Secretary keeps a record of all meetings and conducts the official correspondence of the club, gives notice to members of all meetings, and keeps an accurate attendance record of those meetings. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining  a current and accurate list of all members and their payments.


Treasurer Jeanine

 Jeanine took over the Treasurer position in November 2017. As Treasurer, she keeps a permanent account of all moneys received and disbursed, securely maintains and preserves the financial records. Jeanine also maintains our website as well as our social media. Jeanine is an avid compound bow hunter and target shoots traditionally with her custom longbow, often travelling within the tri-state area to participate in traditional archery events. 

Field Captain


As Field Captain, Mark is instrumental in maintaining the club grounds and provides new ideas for shoots.  Mark has ultimate jurisdiction over all participants and operation of all shoots. He resolves any disputes pertaining to shooting rules and will arbitrate any questions about scoring of targets. Mark has been an archer for almost 50 years and enjoys shooting all forms of archery, especially Traditional. Mark has been a member since 2015 and had previously served as an Interim Field Captain. 

Shoot Secretary

Shoot Secretary

Charlie joined the club in 1978 and recently retired from the Field Captain position after 38+ years. As Shoot Secretary, Charlie receives and accounts for all income received from shoots, administers registration and classification of all shoots as well as purchases trophies and supplies for said shoots. He also is the Youth League Chairman and provides assistance to repair equipment for the kids.

Membership Chairman


As Membership Chairman, Walt is responsible for maintaining a current and accurate list of all members and their payments, as well as maintain an accurate record of Senior member Work Party contributions. Walt has been a member since 2017. Since his retirement in 2015, Walt has been able to enjoy the sports hunting, and fishing.  Walt enjoys shooting both compound and traditional bows.

Our Purpose

The purposes and objectives of the Obissquasoit Bowmen are:

  1. Use of the Club’s buildings, structures, and grounds for the moral and mental improvement of men, women, and children by training and educating members and guests, through personal instruction and the use of written and electronic media, on principles of sportsmanship, personal ethics, honesty, courtesy, and good conduct, and the protection of the environment, of fresh clean air, and of clean water;
  2. to enlist into membership individuals possessed of good moral character who have exhibited traits of good  sportsmanship, ethical behavior, and a devotion to honesty, fairness, and helpfulness toward others;
  3. to promote in the community an interest in all phases of archery as a competitive sport, and as a healthy form of outdoor and indoor recreation;
  4. to encourage among Club members and guests the value of good sportsmanship and principles of fairness;
  5. to educate and train individuals on the purposes and objectives of the Club and to promote safety awareness and safety practices in the handling of archery equipment;
  6. to educate adults and young people in the community through classes and instruction on the proper use of archery equipment and the rules of archery competition;
  7. to foster among members and others in the community an interest in participation in State and National amateur archery contests and competitions;
  8. to preserve and husband the Club’s real property as a natural habitat for wild animals including absolute restriction against any hunting on the Club’s property; and, to educate members, guests and others against any form of cruelty toward wild or domestic animals;
  9. to use the Club’s real property to provide for the environmental protection of wetlands and forested areas;
  10. to use the Club’s real property to foster watershed protection, air purification, soil stabilization, urban buffers, and landscape beautification;
  11. to engage in forest and land use husbandry including selective cutting and trimming of trees and shrubs as part of a forestry management plan; and,
  12. to foster among members and guests, and as part of the Club’s programs of instruction and education, an awareness of and education concerning wild animals living in natural habitats in accordance with State forestry objectives.