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Introduction to TCAA

Tri-County Archery Association Logo 1984 - Present

The Tri-County Archery Association is currently comprised of two clubs in South Jersey; Buckshorn Sportsmen and Obissquasoit Bowmen. Each has a clubhouse with indoor and outdoor ranges where tournaments are held year-round.

A typical Tri-County archery range consists of 28 animal targets scattered throughout the woods. The range is similar to a golf course with shooting positions and targets along the way. The targets vary in size, from rabbits and racoons to deer and bears, depending on the distance (randomly marked yardages from 10 to 60 yards) at which the shots are made. The targets have a fluorescent-orange aiming spot and a dual scoring area; vital hits score 5 points and wound hits score 3 points. The archer shoots four arrows at each of the 28 targets for a possible (and sometimes probable) 560 score. Youths, age 12 to 14 shoot a maximum of 50 yards and children age 11 and under (referred to as cubs) shoot a maximum of 30 yards.

You are cordially invited to meet our membership and attend Tri-County Archery Association tournaments and meetings. We know you will find the sport of archery fun, relaxing, and rewarding for the entire family.

2019 Tri-County Archery Association annual meeting date:
January 20, 2019 @ Buckshorn Sportsmen
TCAA Meetings are held following the tournament.

TCAA Officers

Tr-County Archery Association Logo 1979 - 1983

2019 Officers

Chairman - Elmer McKishen

1003 School Village

Seabrook, NJ 08302 


Secretary - Dave Tarry

231 Chestnut Street

Salem, NJ 08079


Committee Chairmen

Membership - Elmer McKishen

1003 School Village

Seabrook, NJ 08302


Awards, Rules & Regulations - Charlie Myers

576 W Forest Grove Road, Unit#44

Vineland, NJ 08360


Target & Range - Dave Tarry

231 Chestnut Street

Salem, NJ 08079


Publicity & Fund Raising - Open  

TCAA Club Info

TCAA Clubs Buckshorn Sportsmen Obissquasoit Bowmen

Buckshorn Sportsmen

Hells Neck Road, Salem, NJ 08079


Obissquasoit Bowmen

398 Alloway-Friesburg Road

Alloway, NJ 08001